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Pre-order now with 40% off
Price will go up on June 10, 2020
Price will go up on June 10, 2020
Shipping starts in the fall 2020. Limited quantity.
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5x brighter,
faster, louder
5x brighter
8-feet bright and vivid projection in the daylight
3x louder
Fill your space with astonishing sound
5x faster
Start watching movie in seconds
content for the whole family
360° videos & games
Prime Video
Ameba TV
Content for
the whole family
Deck the halls with 40 digital books and 27 safety videos and short cartoons featuring your favorite heroes. Frozen, Toy Story, Lion King, Beloved Whisker Haven Tales, The Lion King Wild, the Science of Imagineering and many more are already included on your CINEMOOD.
Large library
of kid-friendly 360° content and motion games included
Explore 360-degree videos with Youtube 360 or get up an play our unique 360 VR games. Plus, you get all the exciting content from our previous device so you can enjoy magical books from Disney or stream your favorite content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, AmebaTV and MOOLT!
and innovative
The only projector on the market with the ability to view 360 videos. This combined with greater memory and faster processing create the ultimate device for you and your family.
Up to 5 hours rechargeable battery
Bluetooth remote control via the Mobile App
Mobile device screen mirroring
Image & functionality
200 lm brightness
854x480: WVGA resolution
1080p: supported video stream
16x9: screen ration
40 Gb of memory
Innovative cooling solution
Adaptive equalizer
2 mic’s echo suppression
Travel from home

with CINEMOOD 360
Travel without leaving home with CINEMOOD 360. Immerse yourself into new places from around the world through 360 images, videos and more as you explore the places you’ve always dreamed of going.
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What is CINEMOOD LTE (3.0)?
By leveraging our 5-year experience in product development in the mini projector industry, we are launching the third generation of products in the fall of 2020, our new pride - CINEMOOD LTE. This is a brand new product with a new hardware base with a Qualcomm processor and the world's first mini projector with an LTE SIM card, designed for family viewing and education.
What are the key features?
- LTE SIM card - now you will stay connected all the time
- Voice assistant - CINEMOOD LTE will listen to your commands, find your favorite movies, call a taxi, or start a timer
- Video calls - call your child directly to the CINEMOOD when it is online
- 360°content - 360 videos and games
- CINEMOOD TV: quick launch mode of the CINEMOOD with the display of pre-installed and online content and the ability to move to the next movie with AI-powered recommendation system
How does CINEMOOD LTE (3.0) differ from other models?
- The new CINEMOOD LTE is 5x brighter (200 lumens vs 35 lumens)
- 2x higher resolution (848x480 vs 640x460)
- 2x bigger picture: 120in on-ceiling view mode
- 3.3in x 3.3in x 3.3in (.3in wider)
- 0.8lbs (3.5 oz more, the weight is specified)
- 2x louder (4W vs 2.5 W), the sound is lower and more voluminous
- Active cooling with smart fan noise control
- LTE cat 4 (150Mbps downlink and 50Mbps uplink)
- Wifi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n
- BT4. 1 LE
Price will go up on June 10, 2020
ships in fall 2020
Wi-Fi only
16 Gb memory
ships in fall 2020
LTE + Wi-Fi
40 Gb memory
ships before Christmas
LTE + Wi-Fi
256 Gb memory